SOLO Pocket Kiosk Bundle

We believe that the number of transactions occurring at a POS Sales Counter, with a cashier, is declining and will continue to do so over the next several years.

We believe retailers who do not provide transaction options beyond the POS (in-store self service kiosks and innovative mobile ordering) will see their customers migrating to retailers who do.

Do you want to ensure you are positioned to meet your customers engagement and transaction processing demands of today and the future?

If you do, then we have the product for you!

The Solo Series Pocket Kiosk is the companion mobile application to the Solo Self Serve Kiosk and the Solo Point of Sale. The Solo Pocket Kiosk was created to be your branded application available for IPhone and Android Devices.

The Solo Pocket Kiosk puts your entire retail operation in the palm of your customers hands. It’s your mobile marketing, communication and transaction processing platform and has the features that will meet and exceed all of your customers expectations.

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