SOLO SERIES Point Of Sale Bundle

RT7 Incorporated installed it’s first generation ‘Cloud’ based point of sale system in 2004. Years ahead of any of the current ‘Cloud’ based offerings in the market.

More than 13 years of in-store retail use, user input and feedback and continuous development has created one of the most full featured and reliable ‘Cloud’ based point of sale systems in the world! The Solo Series Point of Sale System!

A fully certified EMV Point of Sale System that is offered to retailers through RT7’s pioneering Bundle As A Service (“BAAS”) business model. Everything is included and offered for a monthly fee. Hardware, Software, Updates, Delivery, Installation, On-Site Service, Training, Support, EMV, and Integrated Payment Processing. With auto equipment refresh you get brand new updated point of sale equipment every 4 years!

Single Store, Multi Store, Franchising what ever your requirements are the Solo Series Point Of Sale System has the features you would expect in a mature point of sale system.

When combined with the Solo Series Self Serve Check Out Kiosk and the Solo Series Pocket Kiosk, you get one of the most complete multi channel retail management and marketing system on the planet!

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